The Joy of First Snow: Fall CSA Week #1, 10/30/19

On the way to the bus stop this morning, my 10 year old daughter was lamenting that she didn’t want snow and cold on Halloween. She wasn’t just complaining, she was weeping.  I [...]

Hauling It In: Summer CSA Week #20 – 10/23/19

I can happily say that the list of things remaining to do in our fields this season all fits on a single sheet of paper. The season began in late February when we fired up the heaters and began [...]

Caterpillars in Broccoli – It’s Natural!: Week #19 – 10/16/19

Our fall brassicas, namely our broccoli and cauliflower at the new land, have been hit hard with a very common pest – the cabbage moth and their babies, the cabbage moth caterpillar. [...]

Layering Season: CSA Week #18 – 10/9/19

At book time tonight, my 4 year old came in wearing a striped black and white shirt, a green tank top on top of the shirt, brown striped pants, and pink shorts over her brown pants. It was [...]

Being Weird: CSA Week #17 – Wednesday, 10/2

A couple weeks back we had our annual crew meal. This is where we treat our hard-working field crew to a fancy meal at Sardine. We love going to Sardine because a) the food is delicious and b) [...]

Barbie Brussels: Week #16 – 9/25/19

Amongst the many awesome reasons to support local agriculture, particularly through a CSA membership, is one you may not think of often. You prevent food waste. First, by participating in a [...]

My New Night Soundtrack (+ party details): CSA Week #15 – Sept. 18, 2019

As you may or may not know, our family moved residences this season. For a decade we lived at the farmhouse on Hwy J, at the Crossroads of Highway P and Highway J. When we first moved there, I [...]

So Many Meals I Want to Make: CAS Week #14 – 9/11/19

One of the things I love about being a truly seasonal vegetable eater is that it makes me deeply appreciate certain meals and flavor combinations during certain times of year.  You know how that [...]

Time Relativity: CSA Week #13 – 9/4/19

This morning was back to school morning for us just as it was for many of you. As we were taking our morning dog walk in the fields, my eldest asked me how it could be that summer just seemed to [...]