Layering Season: CSA Week #18 – 10/9/19

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At book time tonight, my 4 year old came in wearing a striped black and white shirt, a green tank top on top of the shirt, brown striped pants, and pink shorts over her brown pants.

It was adorable. I laughed at all her funny layers. Her layers weren’t really meant to be taken off as she warms up. Rather her layers were meant to allow her to keep wearing summer things even though the weather no longer warrants it.

I’m not sure if she’s mirroring her parents or whether it’s just a funny coincidence. But she’s all layered up, just like we are. October marks layering season.

Our mornings now start in the 40s. Most of us come to work wearing two pairs of pants, coats and several layers of clothes underneath. All of us work with gloved hands in the early part of the morning.  I even sport the double layer hat – a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes with a stocking cap on top to keep my head warm.

By the afternoon all the harvest carts and indoor table surfaces are strewn with everyone’s peeled off layers. Many of the employees are working in t-shirts by mid afternoon.

Leaving at the end of the day involves a new step, at least for me –  retracing where I left all my clothes. Rain pants in the office. Stocking cap on a harvest cart. Fleece jacket on the stainless steel table. Sweater by the greenhouse.

It’s a wonderful time of the season. No more feeling hot. No feeling cold yet (at least not for long). Some of us scoot out of the shade for our lunch just to soak up these last remaining days of warmth.

It’s hard not to love farming on these sunny, layered days.

Enjoy your veggies!
Farmer Cassie