Get to know our team at Crossroads Community Farm!

  • Cassie Wyss (she/her)
    Cassie Wyss (she/her) Farmer, Owner

    My list of love for farming is lengthy (here’s some excerpts): eating meals that tell me what month it is, releasing trapped butterflies from the greenhouse,  having a sun-soaked tired body at the end of a summer’s day, reversing the transplant tractor, hot strawberries in my mouth, welcoming the yellow times of late summer, cozy office days in winter, the pulsing vibrancy of plants and people in June… so many delights, so many simple joys and tiny pleasures.  When I’m not working, I’m either spending time caring for and/or having fun with my three kids who amuse, challenge, and amaze me OR I’m doing something fun with friends – hockey and hiking are favorites.

    • Michael Noltner (he/him)
      Michael Noltner (he/him) Farmer, Owner

      I spent two seasons learning how to farm at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.  In 2005, I started farming on my parents land in the town of Middleton.  I studied horticulture at UW Madison.  When I graduated in 2008, Cassie and I had established a thriving vegetable farm and purchased land of our own. I love to move my body.  I find great pleasure in fine motor skills.  Nowadays I spend a great deal of time operating tractors.  I laugh a lot, usually at my own brain.   I try to remember to play more, despite my initial appearance, it keeps me younger.  The technology that brings me up the most is called bluetooth.

      • Seth Jacobus (he/him)
        Seth Jacobus (he/him) Farmer/Crew Member - 15th season
        Farming for 30+ years if you include growing up on a farm; 13th season at Crossroads.
        Love farming because I am not trapped in an office.
        I grew up without a television in the house.
        Sweet corn is my favorite crop to grow.
        Hobbies include reading, singing, fishing, birdwatching.
        I’m always trying to learn about everything I’m doing.
        • Seth Fales (he/him)
          Seth Fales (he/him) Farm Crew Member - 3rd season

          Cat dad, professional dreamer, aspiring doer, originally from SW Minnesota.

          • Molly Delwiche (she/her)
            Molly Delwiche (she/her) Farm Crew Member - 2nd season

            Hi, I’m Molly, I’m originally from Mount Horeb and during the school year I work as a middle school science teacher and coach track. I worked on the farm last summer and loved being outdoors and the friendships with the crew so I’m excited to be back for a second summer!

            • Ryan Peterson (he/him)
              Ryan Peterson (he/him) Farm Crew Member - 5th season

              Ryan (he/him) joined Crossroads Community Farm in 2020 as a member of the Dirty Hands crew. Working a few hours each week on the farm in exchange for a CSA veggie share presented a unique opportunity to explore work life outside the classroom. While Ryan continues his day job as an English as a Second Language instructor at Madison College, he has intentionally carved more time to do what he loves, connecting with the food we so deeply rely on and cultivating a community around it.

              • Marit Hovey (she/her)
                Marit Hovey (she/her) Farming Apprentice - 2nd Season

                Hello! My name is Marit and I’m originally from Des Moines, Iowa. I graduated from Iowa State University in 2022 with majors in Global Resource Systems and Environmental Studies. I am going into my second year at Crossroads as an Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprentice through FairShare CSA Coalition and the state of Wisconsin.

                • Kayleen Offringa (she/her)
                  Kayleen Offringa (she/her) Farm Crew Member

                  This is Kayleen’s first year on the farm. She has had a varied career and is interested in learning about what it takes to feed a community healthy, wholesome food. She has lived in Madison for the past 6 years with her wife and three pets, loves to run, and has enough hobbies to keep busy for a few lifetimes

                  • Brianna Stumpner (she/her)
                    Brianna Stumpner (she/her) Farm Crew Member

                    Hi, I am Brianna. I love to learn, but especially about plants and hands on skills. I’m not one for small talk but love to discuss deeper topics. I spend my spare time going on short hikes with my partner or working on something creative with one of my pets curled up with me.

                    • Matt James (he/him)
                      Matt James (he/him) Pack Shed Manager - 2nd season

                      Matt is a chill guy and the most AWESOME pack shed manager. He prefers his picture not to be shown, but is okay with me announcing to the world how great he is.

                      • Noah Derrick (he/him)
                        Noah Derrick (he/him) Farm Crew Member

                        Hi, I’m Noah. Since growing up in Massachusetts, I’ve attended college at Tulane University, and have worked 2 years in snowmaking and equipment operations in Big Sky, MT. I’m an avid skier with a love for all things water and rock. I look forward to helping people through food security and developing a more sustainable lifestyle here at Crossroads Community Farm.

                        • Katherine Carroll (she/her)
                          Katherine Carroll (she/her) Farm Crew Member

                          Hello! My name is Katherine, but I go by Ren. I was born and raised in Fyffe, Alabama, and graduated with a Journalism Degree from Auburn University in May 2023. I like to hike, swim, and climb trees in my free time. I’m excited to be part of the Crossroad Community Farm team and help bring fresh fruit and veggies to the Madison area.

                          • Eva Gray (she/her)
                            Eva Gray (she/her) Farm Crew Member

                            Hi, I’m Eva! I’m 31 years old and I’m from Wausau, WI. I’ve been in Madison for going on a decade and am looking forward to getting to play a role in feeding the local community! I have two cats and in my spare time you can find me boarding around town, moshing at local shows and organizing meetups for a local writer’s club! I’m a Sagittarius and my favorite color is green. Thanks for reading!

                            • Samson Srok (he/him)
                              Samson Srok (he/him) Farm Crew Member

                              Samson is passionate about soil regeneration and his senior rat terrier. When not farming, he enjoys hiking, biking, and sewing. He named himself after the gorilla from the Milwaukee Zoo.

                              • Lauren Dean (she/her)
                                Lauren Dean (she/her) Farm Crew Member

                                I’m originally from Illinois and came to Wisconsin to study Economics and Environmental Studies at UW-Madison.  I quickly fell in love with the city and decided to stay! In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, and sitting on my patio with a good book.

                                • Samantha Harvey (she/her)
                                  Samantha Harvey (she/her) Farm Crew Member

                                  My name is Samantha Harvey (she/her) and I am from Portage, WI. I moved to Madison for school where I studied Sociology and Political Science. In my freetime, I love biking, going to concerts, reading, and enjoying Madison’s outdoor spaces. This is my first season at Crossroads and I am looking forward to being a farm crew member!