Crossroads Community Farm

Our farm story is one of passion. Mike & I first met at UW-Madison. He was working on an agronomy degree with the hope of starting an organic vegetable farm. I was teaching environmental studies at UW and MATC during the academic year, and working on farms in the summer.

We met and it clicked. We were passionate for each other and deeply committed to spending our lives working towards a different, more sustainable future.

Together we began to grow food on our farm in a way that nourishes both our bodies and our soils.

Today we feed hundreds of families. Our own has three daughters. Our lives are a messy, joyful, chaotic intertwining of tractors, seedlings, crew lunches, princess drawings, dirty boots, sweet corn fritters, coyote howls, and dog-chewed crayons.

While I no longer teach in an academic setting, I find myself still teaching. My job as a farmer is not only to grow food, but to teach how to cook the food, and why what’s on the dinner plate matters.

Mike, Cassie, Zea, Edie & Juna Noltnerwyss

CCF Farmers and Family

Mike and I started our farm in 2005.  Located in Cross Plains, we directly market our produce through our vegetables shares, the Willy Street Coops & various restaurants in the Madison area.

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