That’s a Wrap! Fall Veggie Share #8 – 12/13/23 (final box)

 In CSA Newsletter

I always find it a wild cosmic coincidence that Michael and my birthdays’ perfectly bookend the veggie share season.

Our last fall share goes out tomorrow, the 13th. Michael will celebrate his birthday on the 16th. The quiet, chill office months followed by the ramp up starting in March will follow and then right around the first veggie share that goes out in June, I will celebrate my birthday.

Some years I feel like he has the better birthday, as he gets to celebrate the end of our share season along with his birthday. Easy times! In contrast, my birthday falls in the thick of our busy busy busy season. Typical newsletters around that time of year usually have some reference to my trying to keep pace, trying to stay afloat.

Other years I feel like I am winning on the birthday front… because no matter how wildly busy I am, my birthday gives me the excuse to celebrate and relax – usually near water and with a drink in my hand. In addition, I actually like being busy and I LOVE being in the thick of the growing season, when the farm is exploding with plants and people.

And thus is farming – the seasonality, the stark changes in what we do depending on the month, and the changes in our attitudes and perspectives as we ride these cycles.

When things are frozen, movement is slow, and nothing is growing – we work less – both less with our bodies and less time in general. It’s a very indoorsy time of year. Our plates are full of roasted root crops and our skin goes several shades lighter. Conversely, when June is upon us, our skin gets to feel the warmth once again and our plates have constantly new delights upon them… strawberries! scapes! zucchini! lettuce! Those busy warm months are so exciting!

Regardless of whose birthday is when, Michael and I both feel that what we get to do for a living is a gift. Can it be physically demanding and mentally grueling at certain times? Absolutely. Can it be stunningly beautiful and full of tiny delights? Absolutely. And let’s not forget our own personal, endless supply of organic vegetables (and pork, chicken, and eggs!). We both live incredibly well, and we are so grateful we get to do what we do.

We thank you for your support this season! May you have a cozy and restful winter.

That’s a Wrap. 
Farmer Cassie