When you join our farm as a share member, we don’t just send you a box of vegetables each week and stop there. Our goal is to help guide you along the transformation to seasonal, veggie dense eating in your household.

We have developed a course, Farm Kitchen Lessons, with content designed to help you have a successful experience as a veggie share member.  We will send out one lesson per week, but the entire course content is listed below, accessible at any time with a password provided to all veggie share members.

  1. Preseason Preparation: the Member Handbook
  2. Preseason Preparation: Stocking Your Pantry
  3. Preseason Preparation: Having the Right Tools
  4. Preseason Preparation: Buy Green Bags
  5. Utilize Farm Resources
  6. Storing Your Vegetables
  7. 6 Steps Veteran Members Follow
  8. Veggie Roshambo
  9. Meal Planning Tips & Tricks
  10. Meals at the Farmers’ Table
  11. Madlib Meals & Templates
  12. Use it Up – Pesto
  13. Use it Up – Roasting
  14. Use it Up  – DIY Vegetable Broth
  15. Use it Up – Sheet Pan Meals
  16. Use it Up – Freezing
  17. Grain Bowls
  18. Advice from Veteran Members
  19. Simple Sauces Make the Meal
  20. Having Your Farmer’s Back
  21. Easy Fermenting
  22. Vegetables on the Sly
  23. Tasting the Seasons on Your Tongue