Being Weird: CSA Week #17 – Wednesday, 10/2

 In CSA Newsletter

A couple weeks back we had our annual crew meal. This is where we treat our hard-working field crew to a fancy meal at Sardine. We love going to Sardine because a) the food is delicious and b) they are the real deal in terms of farm to table (outside of their seafood). They don’t brag and advertise how local they procure; they just do it and do it well.

After a lovely meal, we all wanted to keep hanging out. This is a real treat for Mike and I – a chance to feel like we are in our twenties again, bar hopping from scene to scene. Anyhoo, after some time at Mickey’s with an ultra-hipster honky tonk band, we decided we wanted to go dancing. We headed down to Prism (the old Plan B for any of you older Willy streeters).

The scene we encountered was unexpected. Throngs of young girls were outside of the club. They all were wearing what seemed to be a uniform of sorts, which consisted of black crop tops and super short shorts. (How incredibly lucky my parents were to have teenage girls during the grunge era of the 90s). The girls roved in packs and the boys, less uniformed, hung in their own packs kind of following the girls.

Turns out it was 18 and up night. And inside the club was much the same scene.

After a moment of hesitation, we decided to go for it. Why not? Heck I’m getting used to being the older one in the crowd when it comes to our farm crew (one of our crew members just turned 25 and I nearly choked on my lunch when I realized how young she was – or rather how much older I am than she).

What happened next was a super fun dance party for us on the crew. The scene around us was pretty funny – teenage couples were groping one another and dancing in their nearly identical outfits. We all smiled at how strange it all was – being old and non-uniformed.

Meanwhile we were all acutely aware of how weird we must have seemed to those young people. As you can imagine, a crew on an organic farm doesn’t consist of a bunch of main stream people. With our hairy armpits, kilts, man-ponies, plaid, fanny-backs, and makeup-less faces – we had our own little dance party.

A couple of times a young girl would try to come dance with us (cause we were having so much fun!), but inevitably a friend would pull her away, embarrassed saying “no!!!”

It was funny. It was wonderful. I feel gratitude for being able to work and hang out with such unique and genuine folks.

Cheers to letting your own freak flag fly,
Farmer Cassie