12+ Years: Fall CSA Week #5 – Tuesday, 11/26/19

A growing buzz in the local farming community is that CSA isn’t remaining solvent. Whether it’s because the local and organic argument isn’t strong enough, pick-up windows are [...]

A Snippet of Wonder: Fall CSA Week #4 – 11/20/19

I want to describe a particular moment in the fields, a moment of wonder that brings me great joy. During this spell where the snow is no longer on the ground but the ground isn’t [...]

Cookbooks & Cups of Coffee

In the cold months, my work day changes pretty drastically. I go from constant stress, long days, people management, and physical labor outside to half days at a computer by myself and the other [...]

Meet Kingfisher and Atoms to Apples: Fall CSA week # 2 – 11/6/19

At a late September local harvest dinner at a nearby colleagues’ farm, I caught eyes with a man standing in front of a TV camera. Wisconsin Public Television’s Wisconsin Foodie was at [...]