12+ Years: Fall CSA Week #5 – Tuesday, 11/26/19

 In CSA Newsletter
A growing buzz in the local farming community is that CSA isn’t remaining solvent. Whether it’s because the local and organic argument isn’t strong enough, pick-up windows are too short, organic vegetables are easier to obtain than they used to be, or that we’ve gone customizable too late in the game, none of us really know. But the trend is somewhat alarming.

So far, Crossroads is doing okay. As business owners, we are trying to be proactive and figure out how we can communicate to keep our model solvent.

In the spirit of a few farmers gone farm marketers, this winter I’m following their advice and attempting to learn from our members through personal phone calls. I’m trying to 1) find out what truly motivates people to do CSA and 2) to figure out how I can best help new members stay CSA members.

I decided it would be the easiest, at first, to talk with folks who have been members of the farm for a long time.  To do this I consulted our CSA membership list from 2008 and wrote down the first 13 names I recognized as being members still.

The fact that there is a list of families who have supported us for 12+ years feels incredible.

I’ve reached out to those folks and started interviewing them on the phone. It’s super fun!  I geek out about this stuff all the time, but to hear members geek out about it too – it’s just the best.

The reason I share this all with you, is that there is one thing that has really stuck out to me personally. It’s how each of the people I have spoken with so far, articulate in one way or another that they support our farm and CSA because they are supporting our family – Mike, myself, and our three daughters. Whether I’ve met them once or dozens or times over the years, they feel strongly about supporting us, as one family in this Madison community.

When I hear this, it’s hard for me to keep my composure. I feel a rush of emotion.  It touches me deeply. That people have a connection to our farm and family that transcends the veggies themselves.   That they are consciously making the choice to buy vegetables from us instead of the grocery store in order to keep us going. It’s remarkable. It’s humbling.

I wanted to share that with you all. Whether or not you are participating with that intention in mind, you are supporting us and our family of three young girls.

I’m so appreciative of that support. I so appreciate your love of fresh vegetables and your love of cooking adventure.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for what the land provides. I am thankful for the support the community (you!) provides our family.

Farmer Cassie