Lil’ Mach: One Macho Blackbird: Week #3 – 6/26/19

Red-winged blackbirds are one of the first migratory birds who return to our fields in the spring. The males are sleek, beautiful birds with black feathers and these special tufts of red (with a [...]

Photographing Crossroads – Week #2 – 6/19/19

Caroline has been a CSA member of our farm for many years. She’s come to lots of the events and is the proud owner of the testimonial I use when presenting the concept of CSA to potential [...]

Taking Things As They Come: Week #1 – 6/12/19

Last Tuesday Mike, myself, and his buddy Trey were at the house playing cards. A storm rolled in and we went outside on the porch to watch. The rain was coming down steady, but not too hard. [...]