Bibimbap Bowls



Quick-Pickled Veggies

1 t salt

1/4 C sugar or honey

1/2 C white vinegar

1 C shredded veggies (carrot AND salad turnip or any kind radish)


2 T harissa

2 t soy sauce

2 t rice vinegar

2 t honey

1 t sesame oil

1 clove garlic, minced


either brown rice or quinoa

1 C uncooked grain

2 C water

Green Beans OR Peas

1/2 pound, tipped

Sunnyside Eggs

4 large eggs

2 T butter

Meat (optional)

1.5 C meat - pork, beef, chicken in 1 inch pieces

2 T soy cauce

2 T water

1 T honey

2 cloves garlic, minced

ginger, thumbtip size, peeled and minced

Garnish (optional)

2 scallions

1 jalapeno or anaheim sliced small


Make Quick Pickles

1Boil water in small saucepan. In a pint size jar or small glass bowl, add the other ingredients.

2Pour boiling water over mixture and stir until dissolved.

3Submerge veggies in pickling mixture for at least 30 minutes (keeps up to 3 weeks in fridge)

Sauce, Grain, Beans, Eggs

1Mix all suace ingredients together and set aside

2Make the grain by package directions

3Tip the beans and steam for 5 minutes. Drain.

4Make 4 eggs, sunny side up, or light over easy.


1Pour in ingredients in pan, add meat and cook until browned.

Assemble Bowls

1Split between 4 bowls. Grain in bottom, then meat, then egg, then veggies. Pour over dressing. Garnish if you like.