A Most Delicious Thanksgiving: Fall #6 – 11/28/18

 In CSA Newsletter

For the first time in family history, Mike and I were given the full reigns for Thanksgiving.

Just because we are organic vegetable farmers does not mean our families share the same values of local, seasonal eating. We often show up at the holidays with several boxes of veggies trying to make suggestions for our veggies to be included. So this year it was a thrill to make a Thanksgiving meal from our food and share it.

We traded vegetables with our friends at Pecatonica for a turkey, which we then salt brined for a day. The rest of the menu consisted of a kale salad, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, roasted cumin carrots, stuffing/dressing with sausage from our pig, homemade cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie from a butternut squash.  My family added on gumbo (a southern tradition from my Mom’s side), and then two more pies since my dad loves making them – a blackberry and apple pie.

It was a simple, delicious feast.

We hope you and yours enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving as well.

With gratitude,
Farmer Cassie

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