The Negative Weather Vane: Week #6 – 7/17/19

The Negative Weather Vane You know that person in your world who always seems to have a negative spin on any response?You know who I mean.  That person you almost try to back into a positive [...]

Farming Like Swimming: Week #5, 7/10/2019

The girls and I spend a lot of our time swimming in the summers. I’m always rooting for swimming in the lakes, like Stewart or Governor Dodge. The girls, however, prefer the clean [...]

Three Girls, Brassicas, & a Thrift Store: CSA Week #4, 7/3/19

Three Girls, Brassicas, & a Thrift Store Our three daughters, ages 9, 6, and 4 don’t do much work on the farm. They are young and unless the work involves eating something, they [...]