Michael Noltner (he/him)Farmer, Owner

    Hi, my name is michael noltner.  I grew up in suburban middleton, wi.  In high school I became interested in where food comes from and how to grow vegetables.  I spent two seasons learning how to farm at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.  In 2005, I started farming on my parents land in the town of Middleton.  I studied horticulture at UW Madison.  When I graduated in 2008 Cassie and I had established a thriving vegetable farm and purchased land of our own. I love to move my body.  I find great pleasure in fine motor skills.  Spending time learning how to do things fast and effective is very motivating to me.  Hand harvesting scallions or head lettuce is a favorite task of mine. Nowadays I spend a great deal of time operating tractors.  I laugh a lot, usually at my own brain.  I’m a confusing person, but I’ve learned over time that if I just laugh a lot most people follow along.  During more serious times you will find me on a ping pong table or dancing to music.  I try to remember to play more, despite my initial appearance, it keeps me younger.  The technology that brings me up the most is called bluetooth.  In 2021 I turned 40 years old.  I feel most comfortable when I acknowledge myself as a post mid lifer.