Cassie Wyss (she/her)Farmer, Owner

    About 20 years ago I took a job on an urban organic farm to provide a break from the heady, desky life of academia. Every year since, my love of farming has grown. My list of love is lengthy (here’s some excerpts): eating meals that tell me what month it is, releasing trapped butterflies from the greenhouse,  having a sun-soaked tired body at the end of a summer’s day, reversing the transplant tractor, hot strawberries in my mouth, welcoming the yellow times of late summer, cozy office days in winter, the pulsing vibrancy of plants and people in June… so many delights, so many simple joys and tiny pleasures.  When I’m not working, I’m either spending time caring for and/or having fun with my three kids who amuse, challenge, and amaze me. And when they are with Dad, I’m usually outside and moving my body along with the seasons. I laze by and in the water when it’s hot, I cross country ski when it’s cold, and bike and hike in the transitional seasons. And I LOVE playing hockey (defense!) in Madison’s Gay Hockey league.