Woolly Bears & Leaf Piles: Fall CSA #1 – 10/24/18

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The other day the girls and I were sitting around the table after school, and I asked if they would help brainstorm for my Halloween costume. Without missing a beat, Zea, my 9 year old, said, ” I know! You could be a normal parent that just walks around with their kids in normal clothes!”

I was too delighted to be called ‘not normal’ and too proud of her chops to get mad at her sassiness.

Though it’s little moments like these that remind me that I am not in the age of blind devotion by my children any longer. Juna still adores me no matter what; Edie still enjoys a snuggle, but Zea is pulling away with her independence, just as she should.  And feeling this pulling away, and knowing that will only continue and intensify with all of the girls, makes me feel tremendous pressure to create positive times with them now, when family is still so central to them.

Every Sunday we devote the day to being together as a family.  Though often, the lived experience of that time together reminds me of the title of Jennifer Senior’s book about modern parenting:
“All Joy and No Fun”.

Sometimes it’s hard to capture that joyous family experience we strive for. So when it actually does happen, it is so wonderful.

This last week Mike, the girls and I went to one our favorite little hiking spots off Highway 69. We found woolly bears. Smashed pokeberries. Played balance beam on logs. Admired huge shelf mushrooms. We laid on our backs and watched the leaves fall and float to the ground. We made a large leaf pile and buried Mike in it.

It was so lovely, so joyous – it was actually fun.

Enjoy your veggies, along with this gorgeous weather.

Farmer Cassie

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