Touched by the Sun: CSA ’18: Week #16 – Sept. 19

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Touched by the Sun

One day back in the spring, one of our employees, Taylor, was getting a little loopy after having to hoe broccoli and Brussels sprouts for 5 hours straight. That day she and Fred coined the term ‘Touched by the Sun.’  Later, the crew began to brainstorm a tv show with this name. It would be somewhat of a reality tv show/comedy in a style similar to The Office.

It would have dramatic elements, lots of cameras in the fields and vehicles, and “Cooler Confessions”, where members of the farm crew tell the camera crew how they really feel. You know, intimate personal chats where they face the camera directly and talk privately, in the walk-in coolers, of course.

Here are some of our collective ideas for Season 1 of Touched by the Sun, all based on actual events that have taken place this summer:

Pilot: Keaton is Batman: Keaton starts his first day of work on the farm. Everyone takes to calling him Batman. He gets confused because he doesn’t realize the original batman was Michael Keaton, and requests be called Ironman instead.
Episode 1: the Wiscoby Idea: While harvesting strawberries, Fred, Tyler, Keaton and Corky decide to launch a kombucha-making business.
Episode 2: the Mower Handle – Jerry freaks out when he breaks the mower for the 4th time. He gives Fred the handle and asks him to hide it so the farmers don’t know.
Episode 3: Sheena’s Straight Talk – While weeding the carrots, Sheena tells the straight men on the farm all the things she’s learned about women and how to please them.
Episode 4: the Creepy House – Tyler, Keaton, and Fred almost buy a house together out in the country for their kombucha business. The seller won’t show the house, only the land and outbuildings…
Episode 5:  Slip n’ Slide n’ Stranded – Emma, Taylor, and Fred embrace another rainy day by setting up a slip and slide in the farmers’ yard. Only, it turns out that it’s the night of the epic rains. Emma gets stuck at a Walgreens. Taylor abandons her car and swims to her blind grandma’s house.
Episode 6: Don’t You Eat? – The one where Seth won’t stop working.
Episode 7: Tractor Neck – Farmer Mike has a stiff neck for over a week. The employees mess with him by always asking him questions behind him so that he has to turn his whole body in order to see them.
Episode 8: Onion Wars – Taylor puts rotten onions in the bottom of Fred’s water bottle. He retaliates by hiding a bag of rotting onions in her car. It takes Taylor 3 weeks to figure out why her car smells so badly.
Episode 9: Hitting on Bridget – Corky tries to hit on the crew’s Tuesday lunch cook at a karaoke bar. The women on the crew thwart his efforts for fear of losing Bridget’s awesome meals.
Episode 10: Red Knives – After weeks of being unable to find all the red harvest knives for the crew, Cassie plots revenge when she learns Fred has been hoarding them in his kitchen.
Episode 11: Runneth Over – Tyler runs over Fred’s water bottle. Then a crate of watermelon. Then the farmers’ bike trailer. Fred won’t let him forget it.
Episode 12: Title Change – The crew requests changing the title of the show from ‘Touched by the Sun’ to ‘F**ed by the Rain’
Episode 13: Market Madness – Three Saturdays in a row, something goes wrong at Farmer’s Market – schedule mix-up, power out and no alarm, broke-down truck. Sheena and Cassie scramble; Taylor is there to help every time.
Episode 14: Langhorn Slim – Taylor has a crush on a Nashville singer. The crew all goes to the show, only to discover he’s an ego-maniac with a cult following. Sheena invites him to her house; Jerry heckles him.
Episode 15: The Let Down – Crew members adjust as the reality of seasonal work shrinks the crew. Employees go for cooler confessionals to help them decide what their next steps will be.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet of Touched by the Sun. We’ve sure had fun brainstorming it!

Enjoy your veggies and see you Saturday!
Farmer Cassie

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