Thank you: CSA ’18, Week #12 – Wed., Aug. 22nd

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Thank you

Today’s inbox is FULL of the most amazing, supportive, warm messages from so very many of you. Thank you for all of your thoughtful support and various offers of ways to help!

To update you: Tomorrow’s delivery will go ahead as normal and on schedule.

Our crew members all made it to safe areas last night. Taylor showed up this morning right on time, wearing her brother’s clothes, because she never made it to her own home. That’s some serious dedication.

There is a fair amount of damage on the farm, but all in all we are feeling very fortunate. We drained much better than we anticipated. There is some damage to certain crops, but nothing horrible. Most of the damage is long term; we lost lots of top soil in many areas of the farm.

I want to be very clear that we were not flooded. My email stating that we were underwater was written in quite a panic – but in turns out that all the water we saw was MOVING. (That’s how much water there was!!!) This is important in terms of food safety. Consuming food that has been in standing, stagnant flood water would be unsafe, but THANKFULLY we are not in that situation here.  We are not sending you any food tomorrow that was in standing water, as we were so extremely lucky that things drained as well as they did.

Tomorrow’s delivery should go forward as normal. Despite the many, many offers from so many of you to forgo your box, there is no need. Between what we had harvested before the rain and how things are looking today, you shouldn’t notice too much missing (if anything at all!) from your boxes. Hooray!

We are feeling so very fortunate and uplifted from you, our farm community.

Thank you and here’s hoping that each of you has remained safe and didn’t experience too much damage at your homes!!!

Enjoy your veggies,
Farmer Cassie

Recipe Suggestions: 
(If you haven’t yet, check out the Facebook group. Members are sharing SO many wonderful ideas, menus, and recipes there!)