Potions & Blogs: Fall ’18 – Week #3

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Potions & Blogs

The Harry Potter craze happened about a decade after I was growing up. Crew here that are in their late twenties experienced the Harry Potter books in real time, waiting for what seemed like forever for the next book to come out.

I considered reading the books myself in my late twenties, but by that time figured it might be fun to share the experience with my own kids.

So fast forward a bit and here I am, reading the Chamber of Secrets (the 2nd of the series) along with my daughter, Zea. Actually, she’s ahead of me by a few books and I’m trying to catch up!

The books are so inventive, clever and fun. My favorite part in reading the books is all the potions and magic that can be whipped up – and often messed up with very silly outcomes.  In last night’s read, Harry and Ron turn themselves temporarily into Crabb and Goyle, but Hermione mistakenly turns herself into a cat, which lasts for 2 months.

All this reading about magic wands and potions has made me wonder what in my adult life I wish I could use magic for. Definitely I’d use my magic wand to keep my house clean, like the Weasley’s do.  Oh and cleaning the gutters for sure.

I pondered also using my wand to make dinner every night. At first that seems like it would be awesome, but over time I’d miss cooking! In the wizard world, cooking is kind of like making potions. We cut, stir, boil, and bake different concoctions trying to come up with magic for the mouth, yes? I would miss this everyday alchemy if I always cheated and used the wand.

So thinking about potions got me thinking about one of my favorite cold season tasks –  finding new cooking blogs.

Two new ones I’m checking out include:

1. thespruceeats.com
2. gimmesomeoven.com

I tried GimmeSomeOven’s cold sesame noodle salad last night with chinese cabbage and it was so good! I put it in the recipes above.

Other food blogs I continue to love include:

– cookieandkate.com
– kitchn.com

Have any food blogs/websites you love to use to make new potions in the kitchen? Let me know! I’d love to share them.

Cheers and happy concocting!

Farmer Cassie


Recipe Suggestions: