Paper Pick-Me-Ups: Fall Veggie Share Week #6 – Wed. Nov. 30th

 In CSA Newsletter

Just before the Thanksgiving, the farm did its member renewal drive for the upcoming summer 2023 season. It’s a 5 day drive, and we encourage members to sign up now so that the farm can spend the winter planning and doing community work, as opposed to advertising and worrying over whether we will have enough customers the following year. 

It’s a big ask, and we so so so appreciate that our members are willing to support us in this way! We are already a whopping 70% full for next season!

Sitting in a huge messy pile on my desk are all the notes that came to the farm along with member payments. 

Honestly, it is gift enough to be supported by our farm members ahead of the season. Having the financial means ahead of time to buy all the vegetable seeds, potting soil, boxes, packaging, composted chicken manure, micro-amendments, cover crop seeds, fuel, and knowing we have money to pay our labor – well it’s incredible. Gift enough! Really!

When I came back from Thanksgiving, an enormous stack of envelopes was waiting for me. Several hundred to be exact (and a nasty note from the mailman for the mailbox getting too full!). And in so many of these envelopes there was some sort of note in addition to the payment.  Now on my desk is a bohemian collection of cards, papers, post-its, and scraps of thanks you and appreciation from those members who renewed by check. This is a whole other kind of gift.

These little notes are precious to me and Michael. 

I call them my paper pick-me ups. I keep them all season long on my desk. Whenever the work feels too hard or too unseen or unappreciated, these notes are there for us. Many of the notes come inside beautiful note cards. I like to tear off the pretty art and hang it on my office wall – another way I am reminded of how we are supported and appreciated by those we feed. 

These notes are so special. Here’s some snippets. 

  • Our son loves getting to visit the farm every other week, especially when he gets to pet Pepper.
  • You provide another close-to-home way that my family can try and take the monetary privilege we have to give to others who deserve wholesome food just as much!
  • We love you guys!
  • Thanks for the great veggies and hard work in 2022!
  • Proud to be a member yet again!
  • Thank you for all you do to provide a bounty of food for our family and the community.  

Thanks to all those members who signed up for 2023! And an extra thanks to all of you who sent little notes – they mean a great deal.  

We appreciate you!
Farmer Cassie