Corn Puns! Week #11 Veggie Share – Wed., Aug. 17

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Prepare to cringe a little, but maybe crack a smile too?

We just completed another Tuesday morning of corn harvesting. It’s been a difficult year for corn harvesting, as one Saturday night storm pushed all the plants over. As we are picking, it’s hard on our bodies and difficult to keep on our rows. Corn is much easier to pick when the plant is upright! It turns out it can be hard on our brains and mood too, so we have been entertaining ourselves with puns. 

Here are some favorites/ evidence of the goofiness that we use to propel us through harder harvest moments: 

America needed to make a cornfession that she had been taking home lots of set of gloves. 

Anna quipped that they were stuck in the cornfusion of the rows. 

Yesterday’s morning fog was ear-y. 

When someone does something great in the corn, it’s hard not to think or shout out, “A-maiz-ing!”

Caroline, a main punner on the crew, drew us all a picture of a beautiful ear of corn with the caption: “Maybe it’s maize-belline.”

There are/were more. Oh trust me, there were more. But I can’t remember them all! When I radioed from the office to crew to see if anyone could remember any other recent corn puns, Caroline replied: “Asking us to remember all these puns is such a tassel!”

Cringing yet?

These puns all a little too corny for you?

How about a Huey reference… Pop, Stalk, & Crop It!   (Don’t know that one?)

Need to cover your ears?

Okay. Okay. I’ll stop. Wouldn’t want to you to feel like we’re stalking you with terrible puns. 

Farmer Cassie