Veggie Joes


Veggie Joes

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March 29, 2017

Veggie Joes


½ large eggplant

1 medium zucchini

1 onion, diced

¼ cabbage, thinly sliced

1 hungarian pepper, seeds removed and sliced thin

3 garlic cloves, chopped fine

1 handful green beans

1 T canola oil

prepared barbeque sauce or packaged sloppy joe mix


1Cut the eggplant and summer squash into small pieces, dice- ¼ inch if you have the patience.

2 Toss with the cabbage and sprinkle with salt and set aside.

3 Prepare the remaining vegetables and chop the green beans.

4 Heat the oil in a large skillet.

5 Add the beans, onions, peppers and garlic.

6 Dab excess moisture off the salted veggies with a towel before throwing them in the pan.

7 Roast over high heat until the veggies are browned.

8 Add barbeque sauce or prepare the sloppy joe mix.

9 Simmer together until the veggies are completely tender.