Brussels with Orange and Caraway


Brussels with Orange and Caraway

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March 29, 2017

Brussels with Orange and Caraway


1 T oil

1 bag brussels sprouts, quartered

1 orange,

1 T lemon juice

1 t honey

salt, black or red pepper

½ t caraway seeds

sliced scallions


1Heat the oil in a wide skillet. Add the caraway to toast lightly. When it’s fragrant, add the Brussels and toss.

2 After browning them for a couple minutes, add the juice of the orange plus the grated zest, followed by the remaining ingredients.

3 Toss together and simmer the ingredients for 5 more minutes or until the Brussels are tender through and the liquid has evaporated.

4 Season to taste with salt, pepper or more honey.

5 Top with scallions.