You Rock, Beer Buddy: Fall Week #8, 12/18/19

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You all belong to the tribe of the farm faithful. 

You are amazing. 

You are committed to eating local AND organic in a real way. You’re not just in it for the sweet corn. 

You have a developed pallet with the ability to cherish what’s tasting good right now. 

You are armed with recipes and meal ideas that you bring to fruition. 

Every day your plate represents a vision of better health and a more sustainable world. 

The choice you make is awesome. 

You really deserve a pat on the back for this. 

In this world of instant gratification and increasing apathy about the future, you care. And you are doing something about it. I just think that makes you awesome. 

If given the chance, I know it would be so fun to sit down and talk with you. Seriously. No matter how different I might be from each and every one of you, and you from me, we share a common bond. 

We care about our food. We care how it tastes. We care how it’s produced. We care about connection. 

You and me, we’d have so much we could chat about over a beer. I just know it. 

Enjoy this last seasonal box. And thank you for being a farm faithful. We can grow and grow food in this visionary way, but none of that matters unless people like you decide to buy it. We thank you!!!

May you have a cozy and fun winter season.

Virtual cheers!
Farmer Cassie

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