Winter CSA 2010: Delivery #4

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This is the final delivery for the Primrose winter CSA share. Thank you so much for your support this winter season!

Due to the cold weather, we want to encourage you to pick up your share as early as you can on Wednesday. The items in your box can freeze. We will deliver the boxes as close to the site open times as we can so that the shares aren’t sitting in the cold for long. And as always, any questions the day of you can call Cassie’s cell at 663-9879.

From the Fields: Snow. Ice.  Trucks that don’t want to start. Lots of snowplowing. Unspeakable gratitude for our new, heated pack shed.

Despite the complications of the cold and snow, we secretly feel a sense of calm with the snow. The season is officially over.  As farmers we have a deep appreciation for these cold months. That thick blanket of white outside is nature’s way of allowing time for rest, both for our fields and for our bodies.  It’s time to cuddle up and read books with our daughter,  tackle that list of house projects,  and bust out the cross country skis.

So what do farmers like ourselves do in the winter? Well as you know we work right up until the Christmas holiday season. After the holidays we have January and February to rest and plan. We spend hours perusing the seed catalogs. These catalogs are so full of color, beauty, and the promise of warm days and juicy vegetables once again. We order seed, we plan our crop rotation and field layouts, we do the taxes, we interview and hire the next season’s employees, we enter registrations for the following season,  we make advertising decisions, we decide whether we will buy any new equipment, and oh yes, we get to take a vacation. This year? One week in Puerto Rico. Then on March 1st we will turn on the greenhouse and begin the 2011 season.

Your Share: New this delivery are baby pumpkins. These cute little pumpkins are edible. Their seeds are great, and they make the perfect little personal stuffed dishes. The garlic is also a new type. We have been giving you hardneck garlic varieties. Their names come from their hard center stalks. They tend to have larger, and therfore, fewer cloves per bulb. Their storage life is shorter. This delivery you will receive softneck garlic. These tend to have much smaller clovers, many more per bulb, and have a longer storage life.

Crew News: We are extremely happy to report that Alex, Douglas, and Eva will be returning to work on the Primrose crew next season.  We feel so fortunate to have such wonderful people who work with us and make this farm possible. We wish Colleen great luck in her interview process with the Peace Corp, and wish Ross good luck as well as he tries to find full time work in the sustainability world of Madison.

Primrose 2011 News: We are now accepting registrations for both our summer and winter CSA seasons for 2011. Click HERE to sign up.

Enjoy your veggies!  Sincerely, Mike, Cassie, Zea and crew

In Your Share:

  • Acorn Squash
  • Baby Pumpkins
  • Beauty Heart Radish
  • Butternut Squash
  • Cabbage (Green)
  • Carrots
  • Celeriac
  • Festival Squash
  • Garlic (softneck)
  • Onion (Yellow and Red)
  • Potatoes (Red)
  • Rutabaga
  • Sweet Potatoes (very small)


Delivery #4: Wednesday, December 15th