Waiting for Snow: Fall Veggie Share Week #6 – 12/1/21

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Waiting for Snow

Did you know there are still leeks, brussels sprouts, and kale out in fields that can be harvested?!

On the one hand, I’m so excited about that fact. Local greens and delicious sprouts still available in December! Amazing! I love love kale and once the kale is gone for the season, it’s always super sad for me.

However, another part of me is ready for the land to rest and for the land to let me rest.

Oh and did you know I absolutely cross country skiing? I’m excited for that season to begin. There’s nothing like those crisp cold winter days where the sky is blue and the land is blanketed in white.  I love feeling the power of my body working, heating up in the cold. The juxtaposition of frozen eyelashes and a warm core. I relish breaking a track in fresh snow and then going back over the same loop, being rewarded with the speed of a newly made slick track.  I love the sound of the skis scraping lightly across packed snow. I love watching Pepper try to cheat and run in my track (I always call him off).

Oh and there’s the sledding!
And snow fort building!
Snowball fights!
And downhill skiing at Tyrol!

We’ve had a couple snows here in Madison, but I’m ready for the stick. For the accumulation. For the transformation of the outdoors into a different kind of playground.

I realize I might be outnumbered on this one, but I’m rooting for snow – even if it means the end of kale. This farmer is ready to play!!!

Farmer Cassie