Top Ten Reasons to Barn Party: CSA Summer ’14 ” Week #15

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Kiddo Party Clan

If you are on the fence about coming to the barn party this weekend, here’s my best attempt to convince you that you should definitely come:

1. We love to meet who we feed!

2. Live music! No Name String Band will play from 6-7:30 in our 1888 barn.

3. This party captures the essence of community.  You will meet fellow local eaters, see friends, and possibly make a few new connections! And for you veteran barn party attendees, it will be a chance to see a group of folks you have slowly been coming to know over the years.

4. Tacos! Who doesn’t love tacos?  We’ve replaced the traditional pot luck with a taco stand.  Tacos will be available for purchase. Meat and veggie option. Made with veggies from our farm.  This change means you’ll be able to eat when you arrive, whether you are on the early end or later.

Edie's 1st Barn Party

5. Bonfire.

6. A rural sky filled with stars.

7. Many hands have worked to clean the barn and make it a party space for you! The barn is used primarily for storage and for the curing of onions. Over the last couple of weeks, thousands of onions have been clipped and boxed up for long term storage… clearing the floor for some foot-stomping.

8. Family friendly hours.  The party starts at 5 and the music will go to 7:30. It makes for a perfect dinner and evening activity for the family, without late hours to create monster kiddos on Sunday.

9. The Badger game will already be over.

10. BYOB. So you’ll be drinking your favorite!

In the Box:

  • Anaheim Peppers
  • Bell Pepper, Yellow
  • Carmen Peppers
  • Delicata Squash
  • Garlic
  • Kale, Green Curly
  • Sweet Corn
  • Sweet Dumpling Squash
  • Sweet White Onion
  • Tomatoes, various

REGs only:

  • Cucumber

EOs only:

  • Bell Pepper, Red
  • Potatoes, White

Weekly Recipes:

Summer Week #15: Wednesday, September 17th” Group A EOs