The Farmer and the Dog, Energetic Twins: Fall Veggie Share #4 – 11/16/22

 In CSA Newsletter

In the original 101 Dalmatians, there is a super cute scene where they depict a cartoon montage of all these different humans walking their dogs. The dogs resemble their humans. The humans resemble their dogs. I loved it as a kid, and marvel at how true that can seem sometimes when you meet humans with their dogs.

Pepper and I may not actually resemble one another in looks, but we certainly seem to mirror each other energetically.

Pepper LOVES when the crew is at the farm. Me too.

Pepper runs around the fields all day and thrives on having purposeful work. (He thinks his job is to hunt, protect, and herd – but actually he’s a goofy therapy dog for the crew. Purposeful nonetheless). Me too.

Pepper gets super pent up if he has to spend lots of time laying around in the office or cooped up in the house. Me too.

Pepper gets PUMPED for outside time after a stretch inside. Me too.

On this first, very wintery, office-y day at the farm, Pepper and I are in the office. We perked up for the social time at lunch with packshed crew. After more time in the office this afternoon, the two of us will both be exploding with the need to move and breathe in the fresh air.

After work today, he and I will go take a run on the military ridge trail nearby. Our run together in the snow will be simply joyous. We’ll come home with wet feet, damp bodies, and neither of us will smell good. And we will be so so satisfied.  Thirty-five minutes and counting. Well, I’m counting. He’s sleeping.

Happy first snow!

We appreciate you.
Farmer Cassie