Summer CSA Week #3: Finding Our Groove

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Week #3 – Wednesday, June 20th: All REGs & Group A – EO

Finding Our Groove

We’ve made it to week three of the CSA. This marks one of our first big exhales of the season.

Our crew is all with us. Everyone is getting the hang of things around here. Employees are learning harvesting techniques, field numbers, crate systems, washing systems, and most the time are remembering to bring their knives and raincoats.

Meanwhile, the fields are producing in a major way. Just a few weeks ago, we were feeling stressed about whether we’d have enough food.  But now there’s a plenty.

And you, the members, you are all getting the hang of pickups and how to customize. Each day I field fewer questions, solve fewer problems.  Our packing and pickup system is starting to feel more normalized for everyone.

In my mind’s eye, I imagine this huge interconnected system of gears, with each subsystem its own color.  Example subsystems include planting, cultivation, harvesting, washing, storage, packing, distribution, customer communication, employee management and training. Each system has its own rules of operation, but no matter what it has to tie into the large system smoothly. Slowly, slowly, starting in April, each gear, each system gets up and running. Then by June, all parts are moving and working together in a smooth and steady hum.

We have officially reached hum stage.

And exhale.

Last night Mike and I binge watched a couple of episodes of Shameless on Netflix.  It was the first work night in a while where we didn’t have to work all the way up to sleeping.

Three cheers to the steady hum that I hope will take us through to October. 

Happy cooking, happy eating! 
Farmer Cassie

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