Storing September: CSA Summer ’13 ” Week #15

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the sunflowers are almost all brown, except a few!


Storing September

( a poem by Elizabeth B. Rooney)
You ask me what I did today.
I could pretend and say,
“I don’t remember.”
But, no, I’ll tell you what I did today–
I stored September.
Sat in the sun and let the sun sink in,
Let all the warmth of it caress my skin.
When winter comes, my skin will still remember
The day I stored September.
And then my eyes–
I filled them with the deepest, bluest skies
And all the traceries of wasps and butterflies.
When winter comes, my eyes will still remember
The day they stored September.
                                                                            And there was cricket song to fill my ears!
                                                                           And the taste of grapes
                                                                          And the deep purple of them!
                                                                         And asters, like small clumps of sky…
                                                                          You know how much I love them.
                                                                          That’s what I did today
                                                                          And I know why.
                                                                         Just simply for the love of it,
                                                                         I stored September.


In the Box:

  • Basil
  • Blue Potato
  • Delicata Squash
  • Green Beans
  • Green Curly Kale
  • Peppers, Anaheim
  • Peppers, Carmen Sweet
  • Peppers, Yellow Bell
  • Sweet White Onion
  • Sweet Yellow Onion
  • Tomatoes, Heirloom
  • Tomatoes, Roma
  • Tomatoes, Slicers


Barn Party! This Saturday the 21st at the Farm. Potluck at 6:30. Music at 7:00.

Summer Week #15: Wednesday, September 18th ” Group A EOs