Sorry. Not Sorry. Veggie Share Week #20 – 10/19/22

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Two Part Dispatch:
1) Sorry. Not Sorry.
2) A Big Thank You

Sorry. Not Sorry. 

On a hike this weekend I ate a simple salad my partner whipped up for lunch. It had chopped fresh parsley, green bell peppers, shaved fennel, toasted walnuts, and feta. Lemon juice, a touch of olive oil, salt, and pepper were added to taste. The salad was fantastic. Delicious! Scrumptious. Nutritious. Satisfying. Flavorful. Simple.

We both wowed over how tasty it was. Marveled at the flavor and how little needed to be added to make this combination delicious. Why? Because the vegetables. The vegetables have so much flavor they can shine on their own and don’t need much else to turn them into fantastic creations.

My little brain lightbulb went off just then, and I recalled the countless cards and emails of members simultaneously thanking me and also lamenting that the farm has turned them into a food snob.  This time of year, many folks transition their vegetable buying back to traditional grocery stores, and often the flavor just isn’t there. Vegetables harvested from far away parts of the world often can’t be picked at peak ripeness, and members can taste that difference on their tongues.

Sorry. Not sorry.

While the term food snob isn’t one of my favorites, I know we create them. Crossroads Community Farm creates eaters that know what fresh, flavorful food tastes like. They know how amazing simple ingredients can be when the food is local, fresh, organic.  I’m proud that we grow food that makes folks sad to go back the grocery store.

Again, sorry. Not sorry.

Whether you’ve been with us for all 18 seasons (some of you have!) or you were brand new this year, we thank you for being on this food journey with us. Growing food organically and locally is good for the land, good for our bodies, and fantastic for our taste buds. We couldn’t do it without you. And our apologies if we’ve made you sad to go back to the grocery store.
A Big Thank You
This Wednesday marks the final share box for all Regular and Every other group-B members. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our farm this season! Your support allows us to farm without heavy bank loans, and to know that our labor will be paid a living wage and then some.  We love working hard for you, connecting you to farm life, and nourishing you with the colorful and delicious vegetables labor and land can provide. Thanks for taking this journey with us!

We hope you’ll consider joining again next season! Be on the lookout for our renewal drive in early November, where you will have the chance to renew for the 2023 season at a discounted price.

Be well!

Farmer Cassie