Scattershot: Summer CSA ’11: Week 10

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So far this season I’ve had a really fun time writing the newsletters. I begin thinking about what I’d like to share with you on Mondays. As I harvest and wash produce, I begin to link together the narrative structure in my mind. But this week, I have so many different, little things to share with you, that I’ve decided to jettison a tight structure and go with the scattershot list. Ready? Here goes.

Zea playing with Mr. Eggplant Head

Mr. Eggplant Head They really should change the toy to a globe eggplant. Potatoes don’t really get that size, but eggplants sure do… and they often provide the nose for free!

Melon Mania! Okay, so last week I thought it was kind of insane that members were getting 3 melons each. Well, this week that number has increased to 4! Can you believe it? This is what farmers call a bumper crop. It’s one of the beautiful parts of CSA. You have joined us for both the risk and the bounty. So when we have tons (literally) of melons, that means you’ll be receiving a lot! Because of the melon madness, not everything will fit in your box. In your box will be an orange muskmelon and a crunchy, sweet orange honeydew. Your red cabbage and two, count them 2 watermelons will be outside of the box. Please look for signs to make sure you take the correct items and amount.

Corn Boil What a fun time and fantastic meal we all shared this weekend at the corn boil! Over 100 bellies were filled. Mike and I were so happy to have so many of you out at the farm.  Our dog, Ruby, certainly had a great time too. I think she slept all day Sunday after she helped clean up the ground scores. If you feel inspired to send your recipes in to share with the rest of the membership, please do!

MACSAC Recipe Contest Are you a talented home chef with a flair for fresh, seasonal cooking? If so, the Madison Area CSA Coalition needs your help! They are seeking recipes designed by community members like you for their €œFarm-Fresh and Fast€ cookbook project. Between now and October 31st, send in your original recipe that features fresh, local produce and is ready to serve in under 60 minutes. If they select it for publication, you’ll see your name, and your culinary creation, in print! Visit for details (among the scrolling items on the front page), or email Danielle at [email protected] with questions.

Enjoy your melons and veggies this week. Sincerely, Cassie, Mike, & Zea

In the Box:

  • Beets
  • Cabbage, Red
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Garlic
  • Green Beans – EOs
  • Honeydew
  • Muskmelon
  • Onion, Sweet
  • Sungolds
  • Sweet Corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Watermelon
  • Zucchini

REGs = Regular members only

EOs = Everyother members only

This Week’s Recipes:

Summer CSA Week 10: Wednesday, August 10th – Everyother Group B