Playing in the Fields: Veggie Share Week #6 – July 13

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Playing in the Fields

This morning I am forcing myself to do work in the office. 

It’s funny, I spend the whole winter doing office work – so many hours! But try and get me to spend more than two hours in the office during the high season, and I feel the same way my kids must feel when I ask them to clean their rooms. 

My body literally aches to go outside… my feet tap, my legs shake. My body wants to be moving outside. 

So grateful for Elena this season! If you’ve had a farm request, you may have noticed that Elena answers you. Elena is our first ever office assistant! Elena gets back to folks way faster than I ever did, and it allows me to be out in the fields more. Win win. Thank you, Elena! 

At our morning crew meeting today, I told the crew I needed to catch up on office work and then I would come play with them in the fields. 

By the looks I received, some of my crew clearly don’t feel like working in the fields is playing. But I do! I have been questioning my word choice. But I stand by it. Yes, it is hard work out in the fields. But to me, when I compare it to inside work, working in the fields in the company of others does feel like playing. 

For that, I feel so grateful. Thanks for supporting this farm and allowing me and Mike to keep on playing in the fields. 

Farmer Cassie