Photos from Painting Cooler W: Veggie Share Week # 18, Wed. 10/5/22

 In CSA Newsletter
Last season we acquired a refrigerated truck trailer that we converted to a walk-in cooler. We call it cooler W, as it sits on the west side on our packshed. (creative, right?) We use it as a warm cooler during tomato time, and have increasingly used it as the veggie share cooler for folks who pick up at the farm. It was a Prairie Farms truck trailer, all painted and branded with non-organic dairy products. Not my fave.  Since I look out at it from my home, and don’t wish to promote this corporate dairy,  I’ve had a desire to paint it to something more lively, fun, and less corporate-farmy.

A couple weekends ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I convinced the girls to help paint it. Thanks to farm member, Kevin, who got us the old, rescued paint. Here are some photos of our work! Hope you enjoy.

Farmer Cassie

Simple tools!
To start, each kid chose a cooler and a panel.
Finished work!
Splatter paint happened.
This design was Juna’s idea. I chose to put it on the N side of the cooler so the crew can see it from the fields.