Making it Through the Heat: Week #5 – July 8, 2020

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Making it Through the Heat

It’s hot.

You know this. We know this.

We thought you might be interested to hear how our crew makes it through the heat.  Here’s how we do it:

Conversation. Lots of conversation to help pass the time and the heat.

Mike says he looks forward to an ice cold shower after work. Also, he says tries to experiment with eating things that should served hot as cold. However, he said, “Testing this theory during lunch today had mixed results. Thumbs down on the gelatinously cold polenta. Thumbs up on the freshly picked pea pods.”

I wear baggy clothes to encourage air flow around my person, and just imagine that I am a solar battery… storing up heat for when I’m freezing in January.

Sami requests a washing shift and loves to swim after work.

Elston says she pretends she’s in a sauna.

Robynn says, “I wear shorts and loose t-shirts.”

Seth says, “I listen to the birds.”

Elle says she drinks a bunch of water and Powerade, and likes to walk into the walk in cooler whenever she can.

Jennie says:  “I recommend a pint of ice cream a day to stave off any heat induced insanity.”

Frank says he gets through it by plugging in ear pods, and wearing a ridiculous hat.

The crew jokes that Mike doesn’t get hot, cause he just turns the AC on in the tractor.

Last week, a long-time volunteer jokingly said, “You’re mean.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you make everyone work even when it’s hot!”

True story. We do make everyone work even when it’s hot. And we work right alongside them.

Working with one’s body in the high heat is one reason why the past three generations of Americans have moved away from farming as a career choice.

It is difficult, tough work. We are so humbled and appreciative of our wonderful crew that will do the important work of bringing local food systems back on the map.

I hope you will mentally applaud our A-MAZ-ING crew for doing this work.

Farmer Cassie