Green Life Philosophy: CSA Week #9 – August 7, 2019

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One of our CSA members writes an inspiring blog on how to incorporate simple sustainable actions into everyday life. She also happens to meal plan with her CSA box every week. The plans are wonderful and really show how one can use up all their veggies in a week. I asked Jennifer if I could share some of her content to drive you over to her site because her mission is really awesome.

So excerpted from her site I will share her mission statement on meal planning as well as one of her weekly meal plan posts from last week. Enjoy and I hope you take advantage of her awesome, free meal planning in future!

Farmer Cassie

from Jennifer Dedering’s Green Life Philosophy blog:You may be wondering why a health and environmental blog would include an entire section on meal planning.  Well, did you know that up to 40% of food in the United States is thrown away?!?(1) That is astounding considering the lack of food security worldwide.  If food waste were a country, it would be the third top emitter of carbon dioxide after the US and China.(2)  Additionally, the amount of water, resources, packaging and chemicals required to produce, process, and sell this wasted food is immense.  Fifteen percent of waste generated by each household is food.(3)  That does not include the packaging that is thrown away or recycled.  

But, fear not, there is a better way.  Here at Green Life Philosophy (GLP), we believe that meal planning is the key to cooking in a healthy way, avoiding waste, and saving time and money.  Home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients are worth the investment.  That means that food is a priority for our family and requires a prime spot when budgeting our time and money.  By making a plan you will ensure that you consume what you buy.  Planning will also allow you to prepare for shopping by bringing your own containers to avoid excess packaging.  My hope is to share what we have learned over the years.  Come back to this site weekly to see what we are eating.  I hope you can use this as inspiration and to save you loads of time. We’ve done the hard work, you just need to make your shopping list. Use the notes to see what can be prepped in advance and how to make the most of the meals and I will include green tips for shopping, cooking, and storing. Each week a new plan will be posted to the blog and is an exact replica of what we are actually eating for the week. You can also find old plans by clicking on the Weekly Meal Plan category. It is real and doable, I promise. Enjoy!

Some notes on what you will find in these meal plans:

  1. We live in the Midwest and cook as much as we can based on what is available seasonally. We get a food share from a local farm for 20 weeks of the year.  The rest of the year I am at the mercy of our local grocery co-op so I may tweak the plan after I do my grocery shopping and find that broccoli is cheaper than cauliflower right now.  I encourage you to make changes to the plan as well in order to fit what is available at your local grocer or farmer’s market that week.
  2. We do not follow one specific diet plan.  In general, we eat minimal sugar and starch (bread, pasta, rice, flour).  We load up on vegetables and protein. Which brings me to…
  3. We are not vegan. I try to minimize our meat consumption for environmental reasons and will incorporate at least one vegetarian meal per week, but we eat plenty of meat, cheese (we live in Wisconsin!), and seafood.
  4. I will provide links to recipes as I can, but often there is no recipe – mashed sweet potato is simply that, mashed up cooked sweet potato with nothing added unless noted in the plan.
  5. Most full meals can be made in 30-60 minutes from start to finish.  Some may require additional cooking time and you may need to do some prep work the night or weekend before.  I typically make one meal per week that requires more time investment.  I also have 2 meals per week that are quick to prepare on the days when I work later or if the kids have activities.  Sometimes this involves using previously frozen meals.  I’m talking meals I’ve prepared and frozen, not the TV dinner type.
  6. We have a family of 5 with 3 kids under the age of 10. You may need to tweak the plans to fit your family size or food preferences. For the most part my kids eat what I make or they don’t eat!



    Weekly Meal Plan 7.31.19

    August 1, 2019 by admin

    Crossroads Community Farm CSA Share

    Day 1: Baked lemon and garlic butter cod, Balsamic roasted broccoli

    Day 2: SpanakopitaCreamy cucumber dill salad

    Day 3: Homemade pizza, Tossed salad

    Day 4: Grilled adobo pork chopsSummer salad

    Day 5: Quiche, Watermelon slices

    Day 6: Hot dogs with sauerkraut (hold the bun), Celery sticks and hummus

    Day 7: Zucchini and eggplant bruchetta, Fruit salad

    Notes: Beware the spanakopita can take a while to make, but it is worth it! The rest of the meals come together pretty quickly, especially if you do a lot of the veggie prep ahead of time.

    GLP tip of the week: It is officially the end of #PlasticFreeJuly. Did you make any switches this month? I’ve given you examples of ways to reduce plastic at the grocery store, in your kitchen, and in the bathroom. Plastic is everywhere and once you realize that, you can easily get overwhelmed at the sheer amount and feel like you can’t make a difference. Slow and steady is how I do it. They say it takes about a month for a new habit to stick. So my tip this week is to keep finding new things every month that you can replace. Before you know it you will be a (mostly) plastic free rock star and wonder how you ever lived any other way.

    CSA notes: Here’s how I am using my produce this week. The quiche isn’t listed below. You can use any vegetables you have left with it.

  4. Collard Greens: spanakopita
  5. Celery: celery sticks, reserve rest for later or make broth
  6. Eggplant, Japanese: diced for bruchetta
  7. Beans, Green: summer salad
  8. Broccoli: tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt then roasted at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes
  9. Zucchini, Green/Gold: diced for bruchetta
  10. Onion, Sweet: 1 for spanakopita, 1/2 thinly sliced for summer salad, 1/2 thinly sliced for cucumber dill salad
  11. Lettuce Head, Various: tossed salad
  12. Cucumber: 1 thinly sliced for creamy dill salad, 1 chopped for summer salad, 1 chopped for tossed salad
  13. Garlic: lemon butter garlic sauce for cod, spanakopita, pork chops, bruchetta
  14. Corn, Sweet: cut kernels off the cob for the summer salad
  15. Dill Flower: chopped for creamy cucumber dill salad
  16. Watermelon (if you received it): cut into slices and served aside quiche
  17. Sungold tomatoes (if you received them): sliced in half for summer salad. Save a few to eat as snacks. I was very excited to see the first tomatoes of the season in my box!
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