Gratitude in 3 Quick Verses: CSA 2017 – Week # 6

 In CSA Newsletter

We are so thankful for CSA and the local food movement. The hail storm we had last week was one of the most destructive hail storms we’ve ever experienced. Very few crops were spared from the unasesthetic markings that would make them unmarketable at a grocery store. Yet, all this less beautiful food is still healthy, nutritious, and quite edible. if we sold all of our food to grocery stores, we’d be in big trouble. But with CSA, you all are in it for both the bounty and risk, and so we still give you this less perfect food. And at farmer’s market, people still bought just about everything we brought, despite its imperfections. THANK YOU. Without CSA and market, this storm could have caused financial turmoil for us this season. But instead, buttressed by your support of local family farming, things are okay.

A family member is getting married out in Portland this weekend. Mike and I are doing the unthinkable as farmers, and going away for 4 whole days without our kids. What?!! We could not do this with the incredible efforts of both Mike’s parents, our trusted babysitters, and our stellar crew.

Verse 2 of thanks goes to Tracey, Jim, Gayle, and Ilana – who together will make sure our 3 girls are taken care of until we return on Sunday.

Verse 3 is a big shout out to our crew. Altogether, between part timers, full timers, and market staff, we have 11 crew members. These capable folks work hard in the rain, sun, and mud. We feel so fortunate to be able to entrust them with the farm duties that need to happen between Thursday and Sunday. They’ve got this! And we are so thankful.

Thanks and enjoy your veggies!
the Noltnerwyss family