Goldfinches, Goldenrod, Good Times: Week #12 – Aug 28, 2019

 In CSA Newsletter

Outside my office window, the goldenrods are blooming. Meanwhile I can hear the goldfinches flitting around as they enjoy the perennial sunflowers planted around the house. Chip chip chip. Chip chip chip.

Goldfinches + goldenrod = good times at the farm.

These harbingers of the summer’s end mark a time of exhalation. There’s still loads of work to do, but the constant feeling of never being able to get to it all starts to wane.

All the crops that we’re going to grow are in the ground.

While the weeds are always growing, they are going at a slower pace and it’s easier for us to stay ahead.

Meanwhile, the weather itself in which we get to do this work¬†– well it’s awesome.

The landscape around us is starting to have that golden hue, and the air feels so pleasant and mild. The constant bug sounds we hear are more of the grasshopper, cricket kind, not the mosquito kind.

Pretty much everyone on the farm is in a good mood. How can we not?

In fact, it’s just so amazingly nice outside that I’m cutting this newsletter short. I want to get out there and harvest beets and tomatoes.

Happy cooking, happy eating!
Farmer Cassie