Field Foodies Go Fancy: Veggie Share Week #20 – 10/18/23

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Field Foodies Go Fancy

As you might imagine, on a farm we talk about food and cooking –  a lot.

We show and tell what we are eating at lunch – get ideas from each other, brainstorm.

When harvesting a crop, we talk about ways we like to cook that particular vegetable.

People sometimes bring in their at-home preservation projects to share – spicy dilly beans, homemade hot sauce, pickles, kim chi, etc. And crew members are always curious about how to put up the excess that’s available to them. So much tip sharing.

There’s lots of field talk about different restaurants people go to as well. We share detailed experiences of the menus, dishes, etc. The expense of restaurants is always a big part of those discussions.

See here’s the thing, we would all be total restaurant foodies if we could. I mean, we have a taste for super fresh, flavorful produce from the farm. However, those of us in the business of growing food don’t have the paychecks to support high-end foodie desires.

So yeah, we’re field foodies. We care about food. We love food and eating. We grow food! But we often can’t afford to experience eating the food we produce at the hand of a talented chef.

That’s why our annual crew celebration is such a big deal for us all. Not only are we celebrating our season’s hard work, for many of our crew, it’s the first time they have ever experienced a high end, farm-to-table meal.

Tomorrow evening, after the final pack and delivery of the summer veggie season, Michael and I will treat the crew to a fancy meal at Sardine. We are SO excited.

We do it up at these meals!

My favorite part of these meals include:
a) Even when we all dress up our fanciest, we still stand out when we go to Sardine. Mixed-aged, earthy, queer, loud.
b) For many of us, it’s the first time we ever see each other in civilian clothes – fancy ones at that! There’s always some ringers who surprise us – as in we almost don’t recognize them at first without their hats and work pants.
c) The dish passing. All evening long, dishes will be rotated, passed, shared across the table. No doubt we will hear, “oh my gosh, you have to try this!” many, many times.


So while we are celebrating tomorrow evening, we hope you enjoy your last box of the season. We hope cozy, delicious meals are made and shared in your household.

We thank you for your support this growing season and sincerely hope to feed you again next season.

Thank you.
Farmer Cassie
(and Farmer Michael)