Doudlah and Meadowood: Veggie Share Week #3 – 6/23/21

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A short newsletter this week, as admittedly with rain coming Thursday and Friday both we are trying to cram 5 days worth of work into 3!


You may have noticed that in our online customization store we are offering Doudlah Farm’s beans and flour products. Super exciting! These crops are grown in Evansville, WI, just 45 minutes out from Madison. The family has been farming for a long time and has recently converted to growing organically. They approached us and asked if we would be willing to offer their products to you. Local and organic? We are happy to help promote them.

All proceeds of the sales of Doudlah Farm organic products will go to support our Meadowood project. So if you purchase these items, you’ll be supporting another endeavor of Crossroads’ to feed families who are struggling financially.

What’s Meadowood? Great question.

The Meadowood neighborhood in Madison in what’s considered a food desert, or food apartheid neighborhood. Healthy, affordable food is not easily accessible to those living in this neighborhood.

Last year we piloted a program to send 50 boxes every other week to this neighborhood. Community members who are also staff of the non-profit Mellowhood Foundation, identified families interested in the food and home delivered the boxes.

It was so successful that the community asked if we could expand the program.

Over the course of the winter, through a combination of federal grants, assistance from the Fairshare CSA Coalition, Willy Street Coop, member donations, and crowd-sourced fundraising, the farm raised $70,000 in order to feed 100 families for the 2021 season!

We are hoping to continue this program in future seasons, as everyone deserves healthy food.

You can help chip into this project by buying Doudlah Farm beans or grains AND you can also choose the option to ‘Donate a Veggie’ each week, and that will put $3 into the Meadowood Fund.

Thanks for supporting our farm!
And thanks for helping those with less have access to fresh, healthy, organic local food!

Farmer Cassie