CSA Newsletter: Summer CSA 2010 – Week 19

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The big 1 year old "helping" in the hoop house.

Community News : LOTS of news here.  Check it out!

1.       Thanks to all the garlic lovers who came out Sunday for the 10/10/10 work party. The Isthmus did a great write-up on our little event. Check it out by clicking here.

2.       After a little learning curve, Primrose is now on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook, come and find us! We’re hoping to use the page to keep you updated on any produce we may be selling throughout the winter, as well as share lots of photos from the farm. Many of you love to get storage boxes from us in March and this will be a great way to stay in the know. And if you like us, please tell your facebook friends about us!

3.       We’d like to say thanks and happy winter to all of our everyother group A folks who are finishing out their summer CSA season this Wednesday. We can’t believe it’s ending already! We really appreciate all of your support. We’re honored you chose us to grace your tables this season and we do hope you will join us again next season. We will begin accepting 2011 registrations on January 1st, 2011. In an effort to improve our product for you, we invite you to take just a couple of moments to fill out an anonymous online survey regarding your membership experience. Please don’t be a stranger to us! Over the cold months you can find us on our website, on Facebook, and finishing out the farmer’s market season at the Westside Community Market in the DOT parking lot on Segoe and Sheboygan. Our final market is November 7th.

4.       You’re coming to the barn party, right?  Potluck and byob. We’ll have the apple cider and the band. Party starts at 5pm, band at 6:15.

From the Fields: Thanks to the garlic lovers work party, we got quite a jump on planting garlic for the 2011 season. As you know, our garlic is harvested in July. We save a portion of our harvest for seed. Each clove of a garlic bulb, if planted, will grow a new garlic plant for the next season. So we sort through our garlic and pick out the real beauties and use those for next year’s seed. Garlic seed is planted in October. The clove sets roots in the fall and then goes dormant through the winter. Then in April it begins to shoot out green leaves and grow until we harvest it in July. Planting garlic this year has been extra meaningful to Mike and I, as this seed comes from the garlic we planted last October with Zea. When she was just 2.5 weeks old, I strapped her to my chest and together we planted garlic. It was her first time helping Mama and Daddy on the farm. Here’s hoping we share many, many more garlic plantings with her.

Your Share: Even though it doesn’t feel like autumn right now, your box reflects the reality that it is indeed October. Lots of leafy greens for you this week. New this week is  rutabaga for the everyothers and butternut squash for all. Making its autumnal return debut is kohlrabi for regulars and spinach for all. Quick notes:

  • Regs: Sweet potatoes are smaller in size. Whenever these are harvested there are always some that aren’t quite sized up. These little guys are great candidates for making sweet mashed potatoes. Yum.
  • EOs: think about trying out beet chocolate cake if you haven’t yet! We made this for Zea’s 1st birthday and it was a big hit!

Enjoy your veggies this week! Sincerely, Mike, Cassie, Zea and crew

In Your Share:

  • Beets ” EOs
  • Butternut Squash
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Kale, Green – EOs
  • Kohlrabi “ REGs
  • Parsley
  • Radishes
  • Red Potatoes – EOs
  • Romaine Lettuce – REGs
  • Rutabaga ” EOs
  • Salad Mix – EOs
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potatoes ” REGs
  • Yellow Onion

REGs = Regular Shares Only
EOs = Everyother Shares Only

This Week’s Recipes:

Summer Week 19: Wednesday, October 13th -Everyother Group A (last week for EO-Group A)