Crew Member Shout Outs: Veggie Share Week #16 – Wed. Sept. 21st

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Tomorrow night is our annual crew meal at Sardine Restaurant in Madison. We will all get dressed up and the farm will treat the crew to a fancy, locally sourced meal as we celebrate the season together.

At the meal, I plan to share a little bit about each crew member – give them each a shout out. I thought it might be fun let you see this, as it might help humanize the folks who work so hard to produce your food.

Returning Crew Members:

To Jared: In addition to how hard you work, we know It’s a big task to be expected to work in the fields and also learn how to do all the work your bosses do. Sometimes you have to try and learn things with us watching, sometimes without. Both methods can be stressful and take courage. You have just about everything checked off on that enormously long list of things you are supposed to learn as an apprentice. Well done.

Seth J: In addition to how hard you work, you are steadfast, calm, and always have a helping, positive attitude. You often remember and do all the little details things others don’t want to do – without complaint. Day after day you stay late to take care of things… make sure the vehicles are off, the shed closed, the zebra parked under cover. And you bring the crew treats! Everyone  appreciates this so much.

Caroline: In addition to how hard you work, it’s hard to believe this is only your second season farming. This season I watched you step up and take on a leadership role – not because you were asked, but because you knew it needed doing. You hold the details. You pick up the slack. You answer the questions. You have guided and taught the first-season crew members all summer, and done a fantastic job.

Meg W: In addition to how hard you work, you make it so I no longer worry about post harvest handling. In all my years of farming, I’ve never not had to worry about post-harvest handling.  I have never been able to pass the baton over so completely. There is a lot of stress meeting orders in the shed – you bear it, and time and time again trucks go out on time with beautifully washed and packed food. And the shed is left clean and organized. I know you miss the fields and the crew camraderie sometimes – please know we are all grateful that you do the work you do in the shed.

Robynn: You will take any task, no matter how hard, and go for it with gusto.  That post pounding! That trellising! Sometimes I see you running in the fields. Your hard work is impressive. But this season with us, you’ve started to share something new – yourself. The way you share with the crew is so lovely. You bring us flowers for the shed. You share with us the very awesome and cool trials you do on your farm. You decorate in the shed with your harvest. All of us look forward to seeing what cool thing you will bring that you trialed in your own fields. And you share yourself at the lunch table. Such a gift to us all.
Now for the first season crew members.
So many of you are new to this work, and I’ve been so impressed how much each of you have learned and how hard you work.  As you know, the crazy pace of the high summer season keeps me from getting time to check in with you and give you all the awesome feedback you deserve. Often you just get a collective radio announcement of ‘good job’ and ‘thank you for your hard work’. Please know I see each of you and appreciate the unique gifts you bring to the farm.

Grace: In addition to how hard you work, I want you to know that I so admire the giant, brave leap you made to do outdoor work for the first time. The farm needed extra help and you stepped up. Way to try something so new and different to you!!  In the fields, you are a fantastic conversationalist. You ask thoughtful questions and share interesting things you’ve learned that are happening in the world. This is such a gift you bring to the crew.

Seth Fales: In addition to how hard you work, I want you to know that your kindness and softness with the animals melts the heart. Whether it’s chickens, pigs, or dogs you are always willing to help and do a wonderful job with them. In particular, your and Pepper’s relationship is a special gift that the whole crew gets to enjoy. When he comes up to you in the field and leans his body into yours, it brings joy to everyone who gets to witness it.

Brooke W:  In addition to how hard you  work, you are so so solid. You are quiet, yet mighty. You are open to anything asked of you and do so with such a good attitude. You listen attentively. You share of yourself and show genuine curiosity in others when working in the fields. You also consistently let others step up, even when you know you can too.

America: In addition to how hard you work, you bring a kindness, a smile, a warmth, an acceptance to those around you.  You work to join crew members socially both in the fields and off. You cultivate a connectedness, a togetherness that everyone benefits from.

Oliver: In addition to how hard you work, you bring an openness, curiosity, smile, and gameness to everything you do on the farm. You have a way of finding the joy in difficult situations and sharing that genuinely with others.  The way you articulated the joys you found in the muddy scallions last week, when all the rest of us were complaining, it was a perfect example of the sprit you bring to the crew. Nothing seems so hard to take away your smile.

And last, but not least,
Robin D : While you are brand new to us, your laughter, energy and spirit is welcomed and appreciated by us all already.

Farmer Cassie