Creating a Rainforest in Our Guts: Fall Share #3 – 11/9/22

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Creating a Rainforest in Our Guts

The other day I listened to a Radiolab podcast about our guts. And well I just can’t stop thinking about what I learned.

In our bodies we contain an average 3 lbs worth of microorganisms- mostly bacterias that live in our digestive system. This is about the same weight as our brain! AND there is a huge nerve, the vegas nerve, that connects our gut to our brains. AND they are finding that good gut health not only leads to better overall physical health, but that there may be connections between the bacteria in our guts and our mood and mental health! For example, 80% of the serotonin in our bodies is actually in our guts, and bacteria may be involved in sending more of that mood stabilizing chemical messenger to our brains!


Some neuroscientists are now studying microorganisms in the gut.

And it seems that this new field of research, the mind-gut connection, is only in its infancy. But the big idea is that more healthy your gut is, the more diverse and robust your microbiome, the healthier you will be, body and soul.

And, lucky for us veggie eaters, eating vegetables if one of the ways to build up the good bacteria in your gut.

So keep it up – eating all of these veggies is so good for us – for our bodies AND our mental health.


Enjoy the sunshine!

We appreciate you.
Farmer Cassie

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