Cozy Mornings, Delightful Days: Veggie Share Week #15 – 9/13/23

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Cozy Mornings, Delightful Days

For the last ten minutes I been have sitting at my desk trying to think about something OTHER than the weather to write about.

You’ve heard me write about the weather a lot this season. First the drought. Then the record-breaking heat.

So yeah, I’m trying to think of anything else to share, but all I want to say is:

It is amazing outside!!!!!!

OH my goodness. The fall weather is a welcome gift. Yesterday was cozy and chilly and damp and delightful!

Today is, well, dreamy. Sixties and sunny. Fantastic conditions for outdoor working.

My difficultly in writing about something other than weather is not a problem for just this farmer. This is part of our trade – constant talk of weather.

It seems cliche and trite, but it’s very very real. The weather impacts us – both our livelihoods and our daily lived experiences directly. It shapes and change our plans. It impacts the yields of our crops. It affects how our own bodies feel throughout the day. No wonder it’s hard for us not to talk about it!

I was trying to remember a funny joke about farmers and their constant talk of the weather, and couldn’t remember it. So I tried to find the joke on the internet – only to discover the vast , swirling ocean of jokes about farmers and weather that exists virtually.  Many of the jokes are about farmers complaining about the weather.

I know I am guilty of this.

So today, I repent.

Gratitude for this beautiful weather to work in. Woo hoo!

We hope you enjoy your veggies AND that we see you THIS weekend!
Farmer Cassie