Buoyancy – Fall #3 – 11/10/21

 In CSA Newsletter


In a normal season, by late October it starts getting cold. Frosts don’t burn off until mid morning. Most of the crops are out of the ground. Work moves inside to the shed and the office. A coziness settles in.  We are still working and moving, but it’s darker out and the pace feels stepped down.

Not so this season. Bumper storage crops mean we are still out in the fields harvesting. This could be a cold, finger numbing affair (see last year’s newsletter wondering why NASA hasn’t yet invented gloves that keep fingers warm for those of us that work outside in cold and wet conditions). Thankfully, however, it has been unseasonably warm.

So warm that we ate lunch outside yesterday.

So warm, Meg was in a t-shirt by 9 a.m.

So warm that many of us were cursing our long underwear post lunch.

This unseasonable warmth along with the clocks falling back has been incredible for us all.

No more waking up in the pitch black and getting ready for work. Oh no. We are all having sunny wake ups, sunny commutes, and then warm weather to boot!

The mood here on the farm is buoyant.

So lovely.

There is nothing like working alongside others who are equally excited and knowingly grateful for light mornings and warm air.

Working has been an absolute joy. The air feels lovely. The light is amazing. The mood fantastic.

Feeling grateful for this abnormal November.

Farmer Cassie