Barn Party Reflections: Veggie Share Week #16 – 9/20/23

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Barn Party Reflections

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about last weeks’ barn party. We hadn’t one in four years. It didn’t feel like something (post-pandemic) that was missing from my life. Out of business obligation, however, I got it back on the schedule for this season. I wanted you all to have the chance to come out and see the farm and enjoy an evening of music and food outside.

A cool thing happened.

I had a blast!

Such a wonderful group of people showed up at the farm to celebrate the season. It was a fabulous mixture of farm members, farm workers, and other farmers.

I saw folks I hadn’t seen since pre pandemic.

I saw kids that were so much older that I only knew who they were because I recognized their parents.

I met members that were new to me.

Music, such fantastic music, flew out of the barn creating the most amazing ambience. Corey Hart could be famous if he wasn’t a family man. Damn he and his band are talented!!!!

And Halo Halo’s food was SO good. It smelled amazing and tasted so good. My kids ran up quite the tab, trying the spring rolls, bubble teas and different dishes.

I had categorized the barn party as something that didn’t necessarily need to be resurrected post pandemic. The party last weekend reminded me how solidly wrong I had been.

Music, food, and people brought back a sense of community and connection to the farm that I haven’t felt in a few years. It felt so so good.

The night ended with folks dancing to the last few tunes of the band, and then a good old sit around the fire, complete with pudgie pies.

Thanks to all of you who came. It was such a lovely evening.

Farmer Cassie