Almost Sweatshirt Season: Week #11 – 8/18/21

 In CSA Newsletter

Well we’ve hit that point where the crew is ready for the cool times.

Just last week I was trying to motivate them through the hot, hot days with a reminder of how soon our hands will be cold. I tried my best in the green beans to get them to imagine themselves as solar batteries, just taking in the heat and energy now so that the cold times don’t feel so hard later.

This metaphor didn’t quite capture my co-workers the way I’d hoped. Lots of skepticism.

It’s been hot! The crew have been champions working in the heat, and they are reaching their limits.

These lovely eighty degree days with cool mornings is bringing new energy to the crew.  Those little hints are happening…. long sleeves feel good for the first hour of work; the changing quality of late after light; darkness coming on earlier.

This morning, Caroline excitedly proclaimed: “I wore a sweatshirt for like 5 minutes this morning!”

In the fields, those little hints are happening too.

The zucchini, after pumping out solidly since June, have started to really slow down their yield.

A solid pulse of late summer insects are now keeping us company.

Dustin noticed the goldenrod is blossoming on field edges.

This morning we pulled the last succession of lettuce plants from the greenhouse out to harden before they get transplanted into the field. Upon this news, Seth let himself get a tiny bit excited over the radio, and said “Now that IS exciting!”

Like seasonal clockwork, the peppers and tomatoes are really starting to come into full production. Another sure sign of late summer.

Many a hot day are yet to come, but somehow the heat has a different feel to it when we’re over the hump. With cool morning air on our skins, we can all now literally feel that the hot days are numbered.

Here’s hoping that in your daily life, you too are enjoying this seasonal shift in one way or another.

Farmer Cassie