Sipping the Fall Sun: Fall Veggie Share #2 – Wed. 11/2

 In CSA Newsletter

For weeks now I’ve been bracing for the cold weather… that hasn’t come.

These falls days are absolutely divine. I often tell my crews that the sunny afternoons in the fall are our gift for working through the hot days. They are delightful. Frosty mornings of indoor work flow into warm, sunny afternoons in the field. With no rain and no night-time twenties in the forecast, we are working at our leisure to finish up field tasks.

Usually this time of year we are harvesting carrots in the flurrying snow.

Or we are working around rains, feeling stressed and wondering if we’ll get all the food in before it’s too cold.

Or we are picking Brussels sprouts in freezing temperatures.

Or I am writing a newsletter about how much I wish there were work gloves that kept our hands warm, dry, and dextrous in the cold working weather.

Not this fall!

I simply can’t remember a fall like this. So sunny. So dry. So mild and lovely. Each day feels like a gift.

I saw a monarch floating by yesterday… a monarch butterfly on Halloween! A first for sure. It seemed strange, but as I stood there in my t-shirt, feeling the warm afternoon sun on my skin it didn’t seem strange at all.

My skin soaks up these warm rays, sipping them gratefully as if they are the last drops of a perfect lemonade. Then the next day comes and the cup hasn’t emptied. Gratefully, and with the full knowledge that eventually the cold will come, I keep sipping the sweetness. On my eyelids, my cheeks, my arms… I sip and sip on the sun, in disbelief at the receipt of so much. My gratitude and my ability to soak it in has no end.

Enjoy the sunshine!

We appreciate you.
Farmer Cassie