Rest & Movement: Winter CSA ’13 ” Delivery #2

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Just for fun: Zea playing farmer's market in the wash shed.

A funny thing happens in November – we start to get antsy. As farmers, we are used to moving our bodies all day long, just about every day. While we are still working right now, our hours are reduced and much more of our time is spent doing office work. Mike does much more shed work and I begin to spend more time with our two daughters.  While mentally we love the slow-down, our bodies sometimes aren’t so sure.  On the one hand, our bodies appreciate a reduction in the stress we put on them.  Winter is a time of rest and rehabilitation for our bodies.  But at the same time, our bodies still crave movement.

To solve the dilemma of dual needs of rest and movement, we joined a gym a couple of years ago.  The gym was nice enough to make a special membership for us wherein it’s activated only in the winter time.  It’s been a really great option for us. Mostly we make use of the group yoga classes.  All that stretching feels so wonderfully healing!

I’ve also made a new exciting discovery at the gym. In a normal winter, I generally mix up walking the fields (skiing them when there’s snow) and road running.  Unfortunately I’ve had a hip injury that’s nagged me the whole farm season. Adios running. Hola swimming.  This is my new discovery.   Swimming is an awesome form of exercise.  The whole body is used without that detrimental pounding inflicted while running.  At first I thought I’d go a little mad with the repetitiveness of it – but who am I kidding?  I’m a farmer. Repetition is a huge part of my day. Just like I can get in a groove washing carrots or harvesting kale, I’ve found I enjoy the back and forth of one lap at a time.  Once warmed up, I can reach this wonderful, almost meditative state. It’s just me, the water, and my mental attempts to become as fish-like as possible.

Going to they gym is a funny thing for Mike and I.  In some ways it seems like a different universe.  The gym is so urban, so plugged in –  the ultimate artificial environment.  Sometimes we run into CSA members there, and you can tell it takes them a minute to place us – for their mental constructs to connect their farmers to their gym. But these things are just mental constructs for us all. There’s more overlap in these two worlds than at first glance.   Healthy food and healthy bodies.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  Hopefully our veggies will make it into some of your holiday dishes!


Mike, Cassie, Zea, and Edie



In the Box:

  • Beets
  • Blue Potatoes
  • Butternut Squash
  • Cabbage, Green
  • Carrots
  • Celeriac
  • Garlic
  • Kale, Green Curly
  • Leeks
  • Onions, Red & Yellow
  • Radish, Beauty Heart
  • Sweet Potato


Winter Delivery #2: Wednesday, Nov. 20th ” REGS only