Hello Winter?: Winter CSA Delivery #4

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Crazy, crazy weather we are having!

On the one hand it certainly doesn’t feel like winter. It’s warm, wet, and green. Garlic is poking out of the ground. Our skis are still coated with basement dust. I haven’t had to wear long underwear in the house yet. And my body has yet to feel truly cold outside.

None of these things feel normal.  It’s odd, awesome, unsettling, delightful, and broken all at the same time.

Despite our odd weather, my daily rhythm is definitely in winter mode. And this feels good.

We are both working less and spending much more time together as a family. We actually went to a winter farmer’s market together this last Saturday as customers. Our kids begged for bacon strips and raspberry bars. We ate a lovely farm breakfast and struck up conversation with fellow Mt. Horeb folks.  It was such a rare and lovely and normal experience.

Mike has been gorging on football. I have been devouring the Hunger Games novels.

Weekends find us constantly at play with friends – playing music, drinking beer, and eating delicious meals.

Lately at night we’ve been discussing the future, mulling over questions like – how to gain more time with our kids during the growing season; how to protect our bodies so we can do this for another couple decades; how we plan to start saving for our retirement; what things we can change next season to help improve our daily quality of life. It’s so lovely to have the space, time, and mental energy to have these discussions.  The growing season’s pace is just too fast for this kind of thing.

The dark and cold have their drawbacks, but more and more I appreciate the winter.  For us it’s a time of reflection, planning, family and friend reunification, and body healing.   While the summer solstice finds us churning through every moment of sunshine, the winter solstice finds us resting – or at least moving at a much slower pace. We are so grateful for this slower time.

We are so very grateful for our vocation. Farming brings us wonderful food, community, and the chance to pattern our days with the cycle of the seasons.

May you enjoy your winter and the celebrations of family, spirit, and nature it provides.

Thanks for your support of another winter CSA season.

Sincerely, the Noltnerwyss famly



In the Box

    • Beauty Heart Radish
    • Beets
    • Carrots
    • Festival Squash
    • Garlic
    • Green Cabbage
    • Kohlrabi
    • Onions, Mixed
    • Parsnip
    • Potatoes, Baby Roaster Mix
    • Potatoes, Red
    • Rutabaga
    • Sweet Potato


Wednesday, December 16: REGs only – FINAL Box